UMGC Second Bachelor Degree 2024: Requirements, How to Apply

UMGC Second Bachelor Degree 2024: Requirements, How to Apply

So you’ve already earned your first bachelor’s degree — nice work! But life is all about continuous learning and growth. Perhaps your career goals have shifted, or you want to dive deeper into a passion.

Whatever the reason, pursuing a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) could be an excellent next step.

In this article, I’ll break down everything you need to know about getting a second bachelor’s from UMGC, including:

  • UMGC second bachelor’s degree requirements
  • How to apply for a second bachelor’s at UMGC
  • Why consider a second bachelor’s degree?
  • Maximizing transfer credits
  • Costs and financial aid

Let’s dive in!

UMGC Second Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Each bachelor’s program at UMGC has its own curriculum and course requirements. However, there are a few universal policies regarding second bachelor’s degrees:

  • You must be admitted as a second degree student
  • You must complete at least 30 credits after being admitted
  • Your second degree must have a different major from your first
  • You must fulfill all general education requirements for the new major

It’s important to note that UMGC treats a double major under one degree plan differently than pursuing a completely separate second bachelor’s degree.

Unlike a double major, earning a second bachelor’s degree means essentially starting fresh and completing all major requirements plus general education classes not covered by your previous coursework. This makes the time and cost commitment greater than a simple major addition.

With that said, UMGC does allow for some transfer credits from your initial bachelor’s program. More on maximizing those credits in a moment.

How to Apply for a Second Bachelor’s at UMGC

The application process for a second bachelor’s degree at UMGC shares similarities with applying as a first-time student, but with a few key differences:

1. Online application – Complete and submit the standard online application, indicating that you intend to pursue a second bachelor’s.

2. Transcripts – Submit official, sealed transcripts from ALL previous colleges/universities you’ve attended, including the institution that awarded your first bachelor’s degree.

3. Explanation if GPA was below 2.0 – UMGC prefers a minimum 2.0 GPA on previous coursework. If your GPA fell below this, be prepared to provide an explanation and make a case for your candidacy.

4. Supplemental materials (program-specific) – Certain bachelor’s programs at UMGC will require additional application materials like a statement of purpose, resume, letters of recommendation, etc.

Once you’ve gathered all required documents, coordinate with an admissions counselor to ensure proper submission. UMGC has knowledgeable counseling staff to guide second bachelor’s degree applicants through every step.

Why Pursue a Second Bachelor’s Degree at UMGC?

There are numerous potential benefits to earning a second bachelor’s, especially from a respected online university like UMGC:

Change careers or specialize – A second degree allows you to completely shift gears to a new field that interests you more. Or you can build expertise in a niche area within your current industry.

Increase earning potential – Studies show workers with two bachelor’s degrees tend to earn higher salaries compared to those with just one degree.

Personal growth and accomplishment – Completing a rigorous academic program builds knowledge, discipline, and confidence — traits that pay dividends in all areas of life.

Quality education from anywhere – With UMGC’s acclaimed online learning platform, you can conveniently work towards your second degree without putting your life on hold.

As you can see, a second bachelor’s from UMGC (whether online or hybrid) provides a powerful return on your investment. Now let’s look at the specific requirements.

Time for the million dollar question…

How Many Credits Can You Transfer Towards a Second Bachelor’s at UMGC?

The number of transferable credits from your initial bachelor’s program is a HUGE factor in determining cost and time to completion for a UMGC second degree. Fortunately, UMGC has quite generous transfer policies:

  • You can potentially receive credit for all general education requirements
  • As long as classes from your first bachelor’s meet content/learning criteria, most credits should transfer
  • UMGC will carefully evaluate transcripts to maximize transferable credits

On average, students entering a second bachelor’s program at UMGC are able to transfer around 60-90 credits from their previous degree. Let’s say you transfer the maximum of 90 credits — in that scenario, you’d only need to complete 30 additional credits to earn your UMGC second bachelor’s (since the requirement is 120 total credits).

Clearly, your prior education can provide an enormous head start! But it’s wise to have a transcript evaluation from UMGC’s admissions office to get an accurate transfer credit estimate for your specific situation.

Cost and Financial Aid for a Second Bachelor’s at UMGC

With UMGC’s affordable in-state tuition rates and the ability to apply financial aid, covering costs for a second bachelor’s degree is very manageable for most students.

Tuition averages around $300 per credit for Maryland residents and $499 per credit for out-of-state students. So if you transferred 90 credits and needed just 30 credits to graduate, your total tuition investment could be:

  • Maryland resident: $9000
  • Out-of-state: $14,970

Federal student aid like Pell Grants, student loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), and PLUS loans for graduate students are available to pursue a second bachelor’s degree. You’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your aid package.

UMGC itself also provides scholarships, assistantships, and other finance resources — reach out to their financial aid office for guidance on maximizing education funding for your second degree.

Wrapping Up

There you have it — a comprehensive overview of pursuing a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus. From understanding the motivations and requirements, to tips on the application process and financial assistance, you’re now equipped with the insights to decide if a UMGC second bachelor’s program aligns with your goals.

The quality education, flexibility, and career-boosting credentials of a UMGC second bachelor’s are impossible to deny. So if you’re ready to embrace a new challenge and elevate your life through continuous learning, their programs provide an exceptional opportunity.

Visit UMGC’s website to explore second bachelor’s degree options. Then get moving on those application materials — a promising new chapter awaits!

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