Top 5 Best Digital Forensics Masters Programs of 2024

5 Best Digital Forensics Master's Programs for Budding Investigators

Digital crimes like cyberattacks, online fraud, and data breaches are on the rise. As a result, demand for digital forensics experts is higher than ever.

If you want to become a cybercrime investigator and help track down online criminals, a master’s degree in digital forensics is essential.

But not all digital forensics master’s programs are created equal. With so many options to choose from, how do you narrow it down to find the best fit?

I’ve analyzed dozens of cybersecurity master’s programs across the country based on reputation, facilities, faculty, and hands-on training.

In this post, I’ll reveal the 5 best digital forensics master’s programs that will equip you with the skills to thrive in this rapidly growing field.

Let’s dive in!

Why Get a Master’s Degree in Digital Forensics?

Before getting into the top programs, you may be wondering—why get a digital forensics master’s degree in the first place?

There are several key reasons this advanced degree is worth the time and financial investment:

  1. Job Opportunities: Cybersecurity ventures predict there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. With a master’s in digital forensics, you’ll be qualified for lucrative and fast-growing careers like Computer Forensics Analyst, Cybercrime Investigator, and Digital Forensics Examiner.
  2. Higher Salaries: On average, those with a master’s in digital forensics earn $15,000 more per year than professionals with just a bachelor’s degree. Over your career that adds up to over half a million dollars more in earnings.
  3. Cutting-Edge Training: Digital forensics master’s programs equip you with specialized knowledge in collecting and preserving electronic evidence, recovering deleted files, tracking cyber criminals, and testifying in court. This training prepares you to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats.

Now that you understand the immense value of this degree, let’s explore the 5 best master’s programs in digital forensics.

5 Best Digital Forensics Master’s Programs

Based on academic excellence, state-of-the-art technology, experienced faculty, and graduate success rates in cybersecurity careers, here are my top picks for digital forensics master’s programs:

  1. Champlain College – M.S. in Digital Forensic Science

Located in Burlington, Vermont, Champlain College offers a top-ranked Master of Science in Digital Forensic Science.

What makes Champlain College’s program stand out is the focus on hands-on training. As a graduate student, you’ll train in the brand new Emergent Digital Forensics Lab equipped with over $500,000 of forensic tools and technology.

The lab simulates real-world cyber investigations through custom-built networked environments. Whether you’re recovering lost files, capturing volatile data, or tracking down cybercriminals, you’ll gain extensive hands-on experience.

Other highlights include:

  • Small class sizes with an average 12:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Faculty with 20+ years of experience in law enforcement and government cyber investigations
  • Optional cybersecurity internships at major organizations like IBM, Facebook, and NYPD

With Champlain’s master’s in digital forensics, you’ll graduate with 600+ hours of hands-on cyber training fully prepared to enter this rapidly growing field.

  1. Boston University – MS in Cybersecurity

Boston University offers an elite Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree with a concentration in digital forensics.

The program consists of 9 cybersecurity courses plus 2 electives tailored to your interests. Key courses related to pursuing a digital forensics career include:

  • Digital Forensics Technology: Perform forensic analysis on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Recover data from deleted and damaged devices.
  • Network Forensics: Use packet sniffers, network protocol analyzers, and other tools to extract digital evidence from network traffic.
  • Mobile Device Forensics: Collect evidence from mobile phones, GPS devices, tablets, and other IoT devices. Learn to recover and decode sensitive stored data.

BU’s distinguished faculty includes cybersecurity experts from MIT, Harvard, and the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

Notable alumni from the program work in elite cyber roles at Amazon Web Services, Deloitte, FBI, Verizon, and more.

If you want to earn a top-ranked forensics degree from an internationally respected university, Boston University is a premier choice.

  1. Stevenson University – M.S. in Cyber Forensics and Security

Located just outside of Washington DC, Stevenson University is home to a one-of-a-kind Master’s of Science in Cyber Forensics.

What makes this program unique is the focus on developing real digital forensics skills through immersive laboratories and facilities. Highlights include:

  • State-of-the-art cyber forensics lab equipped with over $2 million worth of technology
  • Digital investigations simulation facility to practice examining hard drives and recovering lost files
  • Scholarships and assistantships available (over $1 million awarded annually)
  • 10-week summer practicum allows you to gain real-world experience in the field

Graduates from Stevenson’s technology-focused program are highly recruited by elite organizations like the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

Within a few years, many alumni move into leadership cybersecurity and forensics roles at major agencies and companies across the country.

If your goal is to become a digital forensics expert, few programs offer the rigorous hands-on training you’ll receive at Stevenson University.

  1. Syracuse University – MPS in Information Security and Assurance

Ranked #1 in New York for cybersecurity, Syracuse University offers a world-class Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree.

Students choose two focus areas out of five options. By selecting the Information Security Forensics and Response specialization you’ll gain expertise in digital forensics.

Key courses provide extensive training in:

  • Digital evidence identification, acquisition and analysis
  • Conducting forensic investigations on networks, mobile devices, and in the cloud
  • Building court-ready documentation for your investigations

Unlike programs solely focused on cyber theory, Syracuse emphasizes technical, hands-on skills through course projects and a required internship.

Faculty experts come from major government and private cybersecurity units including FBI, Secret Service, Deloitte, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and more.

Graduates from this highly-ranked program readily find lucrative careers at elite organizations in need of strong digital forensics capabilities.

  1. Brandeis University – Master of Science in Digital Investigations

Located just outside Boston, Brandeis University offers a Master of Science in Digital Investigations tailored specifically for STEM professionals looking to transition into a digital forensics career.

The program consists of 10 courses focused on developing expertise across cyber investigation disciplines including:

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Cloud forensics
  • Malware analysis
  • Cyber criminology

What makes Brandeis’ program unique is the capstone research practicum course. Under the guidance of an experienced faculty member, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct original research and analysis on new methods of digital forensic technology.

Successful graduates are highly qualified for elite careers like Cyber Investigator, Computer Forensic Analyst, Information Security Specialist, and Digital Forensics Examiner.

Over 95% of alumni find employment within 6 months – many placed well before graduation. Brandeis master’s graduates obtain positions at leading organizations including Twitter, Microsoft, Raytheon, Big 4 consulting firms, major hospitals, and all levels of law enforcement.


With cybercrime inflicting over $6 trillion in damages annually, the demand for advanced digital forensics expertise has never been greater.

Earning a master’s degree from one of these premier programs will equip you with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge needed to launch a rewarding six-figure career investigating cyber threats.

You’ll graduate fully prepared to help track down online attackers, analyze IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, trace stolen data, and prevent devastating data breaches.

So are you ready to enter this fast-growing and exciting field as an elite cyber investigator?

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